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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Cozy Cuddle Up Jacket, Brush Stream White Black Wunder Under Pant III, Nouveau Limits Tank, Salute The Sun Tank, Savasana Socks

Cozy Cuddle Up Jacket
I love the hat but I suspect these are special for educators during the holidays. Anybody with intel know if they will be available to the public or if they are lulu employee exclusive? 

Brush Stream White Black Wunder Under Pant III, Nouveau Limits Tank

Salute The Sun Tank, Savasana Socks
Savasana Socks are awesome but they are an item I reliably buy on Boxing Day for steep markdown every year. 



  1. Not feeling those Wunder Unders. Nope, no Sir.

  2. Sorry, but the cozy cuddle up jacket looks like a botched Scuba from the front.

  3. if they actually want to sell those pants why on earth do they publish a rear view that has the bottom look a totally different colour from the legs???? They look really sheer.

  4. All of this is undesirable (savasana socks excepted and the ball cap but I do not wear ball caps). The tank is too busy and fussy. The patterned WUs are awful. Nike does such a better job if you're after funky, cool patterned tights. The cozy cuddle up jacket: worst placement of a seam ever, even in that partial view. I'm safe from all of this even when it hits wmtm.

  5. I want the hat, too!!! Fingers crossed!!!

  6. Those pants are horrible! They fade waaay too much on a real person. Nope. Nope. Nope.

  7. You can totally see her underwear through those pants.
    They should've made the other side of the pants black, not white.
    Sigh... why lulu, why??


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