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The Sweat Edit By Lulumum:
All opinions are my own and any sponsored or paid posts will always be clearly marked. Outward links to retailers will sometimes be affiliate links. An affiliate link is a link to a retail website that has been encoded with a tracking cookie. The cookie notes for a period of time if you have made a purchase after you've clicked one of my links. The website you've made your purchase from keeps track via a unique code that tracks back to me. My code allows me to earn a commission on the sale generated from my links, within a certain time period. This commission does not cost you anything, nor does it change the price of the item you are purchasing, or my opinions. This simply supports my blog in a way that allows me to blog daily, and allows me to maintain my site with it's associated costs. I will post links that are relevant and available to items I mention or show on my posts but this in no way guarantees that my review or my opinion on that item will be favourable or positive. You may love an item that I hate, or I may love an item that you hate. My aim with this blog is to be informative by providing my reviews, critiques, and recommendations for items I love or use.
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