Monday, July 28, 2014

Product Drop Monday and Some Thoughts.

Ugh. I so hate that uploads are no longer on Monday's. Its actually quite stupid. Not much product dropped in stores on Mondays, and if you usually got your orders on Fridays (from Monday uploads) or Saturdays, now you don't get your item until the following week. I really feel that for ship out purposes the upload should happen at the earliest point in the week. For hype and excitement purposes, there was a ton more hype for Monday night uploads with a days worth of product drops to help the anticipation and buildup along. Another thing that is bugging me is all this mesh. I get that this is the typical slow transition period for Lululemon from Summer items winding down to the big fall uploads (this week is always slow, every year for the past 4 years), and it is always full of basic neutral items and transitional color palettes but I really, really am bored of seeing all the same mesh items reinvented each week. You can so tell that these are garments cobbled together using extra bolts of black luon and stretching it with mesh inserts. You know you are in a transition phase when you see the knit garments come out in black, white and grey (chai time, unity pullover, post practice cardigan etc. etc.) and it used to be when Lululemon would release great pima cotton tees in black, charcoal grey, classic sports grey, oatmeal and white. Those really pretty fashionable tees like the Bow Tee or the Liberty Tee. So regret not getting those. Now they just do the cheaper burnout material tees year round. 

Another noteworthy mention is that Britt's Picks mentioned last week that the Here To There Dress is due out tomorrow. She has since amended it and said that the timing has changed and that it will come out later in August and in other colors (reds are coming...maybe red? currant or cranberry?). That works for me. Personally I'd love one in a deep purple like Lolo.  She had also answered a readers question about wether or not the Tuck and Flow LS's in Opal and Cadet would come out in the 'fall upload' she mentions in her post and Britt said no, they will not be part of fall uploads. I think there is a good chance they will be uploaded tomorrow though since tomorrow is the last 'summer' upload. 

Unity Pullover

Breath Easy Pants and Breath Easy Bra

New Forme Jacket in Mojave/Black Wee Stripe

Skinny Groove Pant Mojave Black Wee Stripe, Heart Opener Tank

Post Practice Cardigan
I'm reading the fit on this run is much more 'normal' and TTS fitting. The last run was huge and I sized down from a 10 to a 4. 

Product Drop Monday: Unity Pullover, Breath Easy Bra, Breath Easy Pant

Unity Pullover

A victorian peek at the Breath Easy Bra. $48. 

Breath Easy Pants
I love Great Granite Print but I don't care for it in these pants. 

Product Drop Monday: Unity Pullover, Breath Easy Pants, Rollin' With My Omies Hoodie

Unity Pullover, Breath Easy Pants

Rollin' With My Omies Hoodie

Product Drop Monday: Breath Easy Pant

I really hate Tuesday uploads

Australia/New Zealand Upload

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Crossfit WOD

Todays workout was all kids of mean to my legs and I'm already feeling it. The tech work was pistol progressions and at the box I managed to get them in with a small 5lb plate under my heels. We also did candlesticks and box step ups as progression. I wanted to get a picture of it at home (so that my crossfit post pictures can be a bit more exciting) but my camera is super slow so I didn't get a very good shot of it in before collapsing, plus I had to use my book (Rainbow Rowell, Fangirl in case you're curious) to elevate my heels. The workout itself was 8 minutes AMRAP of front rack lunges (ouch!!!) and everytime you drop the weight for a rest you must do 5 burpees. I did 65lbs but only managed to get in 55 lunges and a ton of water breaks and ponytail adjustments and overall avoidance. 

OOTD: Jewelled Magenta Bang Buster and Jewelled Magenta WAFS Cool Racerback. Black Camo Denim Wunder Unders. 

Lulumum Blog Sale

I have a few items still NWT which is a sure sign that I should have returned them. I'd like to sell these items for retail plus shipping (minus taxes), so if you see something you missed out on and desperately want please email me at 

Runday Crops size 8- $98, Forme Jacket size 10 - $108, Savasana Camo Wunder Unders size 8 - $82
Go Lightly Bag - $68

Shanti Surf Shorts size 10 - $54