Monday, March 2, 2015

Reversible Mint Moment/Naval Blue Wunder Under Crops, Heathered Blue Tropics Speed Shorts

The answer to the question on wether the new green (mint moment?) Wunder Under Crops are reversible. Indeed they are and it looks like the reverse color is Naval Blue.;whats-new

Product Drop Monday: Heathered Black Roll Down Grooves, Hold Your Om Bra, Star Crossed Black Cherry Speed Shorts and More;whats-new

Product Drop Monday: New Prints and Colors, Star Crossed Black Cherry, Sugar Crush Multi and More;whats-new

Product Drop Photos

Thanks to the amazing Ms. R for sharing her product drop store photos. The Away Dress has hit Vancouver area stores, FYI. 

Varsity Short *Tencil


New Green Wunder Under Crops, Hold Your Om Bra and More

Scream Green (Or Clear Mint. Probably not Gully Green) Wunder Under Crops;whats-new

Amusing Ebay Feed From Highest Priced Listing To Lowest