Friday, May 29, 2015

Lululemon Men

Since it is close to father's day and there are such nice pictures out of the men's product I thought I'd share them. So that we can shop for fathers day gifts together. ahem.;USmens;whats-new;USmens;whats-new

Gator Green Seamlessly Street Crops, Superb SS, Superb LS

These couldn't possibly be Grapefruit Wunder Unders, could they?

More Ace Dress Pictures;USwomen;activities;tennis;USwomen;activities;tennis;USwomen;activities;tennis;USwomen;activities;tennis;USwomen;activities;tennis;USwomen;activities;tennis;USwomen;activities;tennis

Ace Skirt, Ace Tank, Ace Dress

I'm not a tennis person but I'm loving a lot of these tennis capsule photos. This years tennis by lululemon is on point!;USwomen;activities;tennis;USwomen;activities;tennis;USwomen;activities;tennis;USwomen;activities;tennis;USwomen;activities;tennis;USwomen;activities;tennis;USwomen;activities;tennis;USwomen;activities;tennis;USwomen;activities;tennis;USwomen;activities;tennis

Pleat To Street Skirt, Miss Misty Jacket, Superb Long Sleeve Tee and More

Lululemon Skirt

Lululemon Skirt

Seamlessly Street Crops

Seamlessly Street Crops Heathered Black
These weren't really on my radar but I'm loving them with the grey panels.

Color Comparison: Heathered Jewelled Magenta To Heathered Paris Pink and Heathered Flash

Great color comparison photos thanks to Ms. A who shared her photo with the  Lulu Lounge group on facebook. I once had Heathered Paris Pink but sold it and then later regretted it. 


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