Friday, April 17, 2015

Lots Of The Latest, Pigment Wave Speeds, Regal Plum Hit Your Stride Skirt, Heat Wave High Times Pant, Find Your Bliss Jacket

Regal Plum Power Y

Jet Crop Slim *Rulu

Pigment Wave Multi Speed Shorts

Pigment Wave Multi Speed Shorts and All Sport Bra in the US!;whats-new

Still Going Pant, Jet Crop Slim Trouser *RULU (In US);whats-new

Jet Crop Slim Trouser *RULU are in US stores today it looks like. 
If you get a chance, try these on. I did a review on them yesterday and am in love with them.

Heathered Marled Regal Plum On The Daily Hoodie

Can't wait for Canada to get this one. I think it's the only On The Daily Hoodie that I've really wanted.

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