Saturday, September 20, 2014

Britt's Picks

Britt's Picks came out sometime yesterday. Sorry I've been a bit MIA from the blog but I'm actually on vacation in Las Vegas and while I thought it wouldn't interrupt my blogging schedule at all it has. We've been away from our hotel room from early in the morning and not back till late and It's been so exhausting that I haven't dug around for photos. Oops! Sorry! I'll be back at it tomorrow. In the meantime I had some productive shopping here. I had my heart set on buying a pair of boots but the ones I wanted weren't available here so I got the Puffy Blanket Jacket in black instead. It's quite nice on actually. I didn't expect it to be as flattering as it was and the fact that its water resistant sold me.  I also scored a great deal on some Tory Burch flats at the outlet. Hope this next upload will be a total dud. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cocoon Car Coat, Purple Fog Reversible Wunder Under Crops, Bumble Berry Swiftly SS and More

Cocoon Car Coat

With Purple Fog Reversible Wunder Under Crops

Wunder Under Crops Sashico, Petal Camo

Purple Fog Reversible Wunder Under 

Reversible Wunder Under Crops in Purple Fog, Om Tee

Bumble Berry Swiftly SS

Fuel Green Right As Rain Jacket

Fuel Green Right As Rain Jacket
I love Fuel Green, and I like the Right As Rain Jacket...I'm just not sure I love the two together. I know I don't like the black trim on it. I desperately want a Fuel Green Cool Racerback or Roll Down Wunder Unders

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Nothing for me today (thank goodness because I am going out of town). I did see the Heathered Bark Chocolate Roll Down Wunder Unders today and really like them. I just don't think I can justify a pair of pants I can't wear to the gym. 

I wanted this, but thanks to 'gateway timeout' for me again I missed it. I'm stuck on the spinny wheel of death but I'm hearing from others it's already sold. 

Heathered Bark Chocolate (not Branch as I called it earlier) in Canada only

Also Canada only. I can't view it in English so not sure what it is called but I hate that the sleeves are a shiny material. 

These were mildly tempting in the print but I opted to pass. They are not run crops and I think the Rebel Runner has better function for me. 

Couple of dance specific items

These next three items where just added to the website after the first upload. 

Interested in the Inky Floral top underneath. Actually, it seems like the bottom blouse is attached. 

Puffy Blanket Jacket and More

Puffy Blanket Jacket in Black, Bordeaux and Ghost (is it ghost? looks a bit taupe). 

I like her crops. Are they fatigue green or something new?

Miss Misty Pullover in Inky Black Floral Ghost

Bhakti Jacket in Bordeaux, Roll Down Sashico Wunder Under Pants

UK Upload!

Only UK is featured on this post since nothing on the HK website caught my eye as new. 

Run For Gold 1/2 Zip in Rust Berry and Mauvelous

Breath In Tank

Citta Knit Pant
These are currently in some Canadian stores. 

A glimpse at a new body suit. Also, how are these pants staying up? that knit is kind of weighty and the waist seems to be just a fold over.