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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Wanderlust 2015

The Wanderlust pieces have hit Ontario and Quebec stores this morning and if you are in Canada you can call them for a charge-send. These pieces are also scheduled to upload tonight. 

Casbah Kimono

Nook Tank

Highest Times Pant

Highest Times Pant, Shala Bra

Diversity Bag



  1. Just went to queen street Toronto store and they hAve 1 diversity bag left in the print. Also they still have kimonos in all sizes except large in the mosaic print. They also had highest time pants but those are slowly selling. They still had all 3 colours though.

  2. I wish I knew what size kimono that girl is wearing. I appreciated your review so much but am still torn between what size to get. I am 5'3, 120 pounds, no hips, no bust, usually wear a 4 but hate things tight. (I know, obviously the kimono does not fit tight but I don't like tight anywear, shoulders, bust, stomach, anywhere!)

    1. Definitely go with the small. I've seen size 8-10 girls in the size xs and it didn't look tight anywhere, just short and more blazer like than kimono like. I like loose and flowy too for a piece like this and I think you will get that with the small or even the x small.

    2. I'm slightly smaller than you and I found the all much too big. I would go x-small.

    3. Thanks so much for the input!!!

  3. This is the first time I see model photos that make me want to buy the kimono. At first I didn't care about it but it looks so nice on them!

  4. Any reviews on the fit of Nook tank? Is it too revealing?

  5. The fit of the nook tank is very similar to the fit of the all tied up tank. It's really flattering and definitely not too revealing. although, if you leave it open and bend over it will go over your head!

    The kimono is amazing! I grabbed one from a store in Boston and I've been wearing it ever since. I'm 5'2 115 lbs and I got an XS as well. The small was really big!


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