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Monday, July 27, 2015

Lululemon Brand Video

A behind the scenes look at Lululemon culture.


  1. I love that these are regular people! Not super models, sleek and superior types, but sweet and genuine folks I could imagine hanging out with.

  2. Cool video. Vancouver is so pretty :)

  3. That was awesome! The scene where a bunch of them stopped to do planks and sit-ups in the middle of the office was cute. I LOVE that they are all running around in Lulu clothes at work. I saw a few outfit combos that I plan to try. And in my mind, they have a giant fantasy closet full to the brim with all the really lovely colors and special designs where people borrow as much as they want.

  4. Great video and totally makes me want to move to Vancouver and work in their marketing department! ;)

  5. Does this explain some of their disappointing product offerings in the last (?)year... They are not focused on the sales... Haha *half kidding *
    Nice video, though!

  6. I work for Lululemon & I do think they're showing the culture in the best possible light. They're not showing the negative aspects of this culture. It's a corporation at the end of the day & they are showcasing the people that represent the culture in the best possible light. I'm not saying that there aren't a lot of positives, but I'm just saying that there's a lot they're not showing you, too.


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