by lulumum

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Latest: Heathered Jewelled Magenta and Heathered Poseidon Cool Racerbacks, Floral Sport Om Pant, WAFS Silverspoon Define Jacket and More
European store

Grapefruit Wunder Under Crops  *not in North America.


  1. Is grapefruit more pink or orange in real life?

    1. I think it's slightly more pink than Plum Peach

  2. That dress is giving me some serious "Paper Bag Princess" vibes.

  3. Hi LLM, love your blog, thanks for all the work you do. Please add this dress to the worse of 2015.....I cant possibly imagine what the designers were smoking to come up with that. Function? No. Style? no. no. no. Even if you positioned the dress like the models online where the front flap (I want to even laugh at that) was perfectly in place. The minute you put your purse or bag on your shoulder or even attempted to get in your car and start it, it would all come undone and you would have a perfectly wrinkled sac dress/thing. On a more positive and hopeful note, the new dress on the UK website made of swift material definitely has some potential. (Assuming LLL doesn't continue to ditch its Canadian customers. )

  4. Handy dress for when I feel the need to be a superhero...! No phone booth needed!


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