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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sneak Peek: What We Love

Oooh pretties!!! What We Love is up and I am loving the True Self Bra in Bleacher Stripe and the True Self Crop with the beautiful latticework detailing. I'm also loving Grapefruit Wrap It Up Tank. Bummer that 2/3 of the items I'm loving are slated for just the US. 

This is so gorgeous! The colors, the print, the lattice back!

Oh my! It even has a roll down waist!



  1. WTF the ONLY items I want are US! Hopefully we'll get these items eventually. Better late than never I guess.

  2. ditto! last week we only got some swiftlys in grapefruit, dragonfly, pistachio and iris - actually I am not sure we got all colours - but no CRBs or other cool tanks . This wrap tank is gorgeous and so is colour (though I do agree that the bra part looks huge lol) the bleacher print crop is cool and so is the pleat to street in poseidon --- and none for Canada. I am hoping they make up on this upload by surprising Canada with grapefruit, dragonfly, pistachio CRBs!

  3. I saw the grapefruit swiftly tank and the ss in store. Surprisingly the tank had a neon look to it, that I thought that was not what I was expecting from the grapefruit colour - but the SS swiftly did not have that neon tone to it - so it came home with me. Funny because they are both same/similar fabric and the tank had a bright neon tone to it - the SS was more of what I was expecting - more coral type colour. Actually close to the electric coral, but the SS Swiftly was not neon like the other items in that colour - it was more of a soft coral colour - that too is home with me! LOL I love corals!


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