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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sneak Peek: What We Love

Katelin's Britt's Picks has now officially been renamed 'What We Love'! Hooray for a sneak peeks! I'm definitely going to be snatching up that Ebb & Flow Bra. It's my favourite new bra and I've been hoping for new colors. I know those Cyber Stripe High Times Pants will fly. The Best Vest Jacket is also intriguing to me. I've been needing a new run vest (mostly for the purpose of having extra pockets) so I'll definitely give it a try.



  1. LLM Do you find the Ebb & Flow bra TTS? Supportive enough for running?

  2. Yes, tts for me (same size as my energy bra) and I wear it for both running and Crossfit. I'm 36C so don't need heavy duty support but I do need some support.

  3. I too have become a huge fan of the Ebb & Flow Bra and wear the same size in that as my Energy bra..I am a 34 C or D depending on bra styles.

  4. I like Vintage Pink. I got my Black Cherry and Naval Blue WUCs in the mail finally. I think I'm keeping them both.

    1. I love my SRB in Vintsge pink! Pictures don't do this color justice


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