by lulumum

Friday, March 6, 2015

Harbour Blue Top Speed Crop, Mesh With Me Short Sleeve



  1. So, do people not run with their phones? Or if they do, do they carry it somewhere else? I just don't get it. Running with my phone is a necessity. I don't just use it to listen to music, but it's a safety essential too. Why are pockets on LLL run bottoms not made to carry a phone? I love those crops, but I don't even think my keys will fit in that pocket!

    1. Ugh. I know! I have the iphone 6 plus which I LOVE and am so glad I went with the larger plus but now the problem is where the heck do I stow it when I run now that it is way too warm for a jacket. I have a spi belt from when I ran a few years ago but the fit on my 6plus is way too snug. I need a big holster pocket on shorter run crops. And preferably lined with a sweat resistant fabric.


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