Thursday, September 29, 2011

Exciting New Colors!! Black Swan and Ivy

Black Swan Swiftly and Stride Jackets (with herringbone inset) and...get this... IVY bags (Hot Yoga Hobo, Retro Groove Gym Bag)!! I have the Bon Voyage Duffel from last year in Ivy and it is such a hot color for a gym bag. If a Travel Pooch where to come out in Ivy I'd grab it for sure.

And a Heathered Ivy Scoop Neck Tank on a Lululemon website image (not yet uploaded). Gorgeous!! I want this tank for CrossFit something bad. Somehow in a gym with 85% boy-men, pinks and pretty colors don't seem right. I'm gravitating to my more edgy neutral colors. 


  1. I love both of these colours! The herringbone is a nice detail on the stride. Temptation!

  2. What bag is the one with the ruffled zipper? I love that!