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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I picked up the Deep Navy Cool Racerback today but can't get some of the other items this week that I'm eyeing up such as the Black Cherry and Hawk Blue 105F Singlet, Heathered Slate Pace Pusher 1/2 Zip, Cyber Stripe Inspire Crops, Moody Mirage Wunder Unders, On The Daily Hoodie.... so many items this upload I'd like. LOVE the Fatigue Fo Drizzle Jacket (I have last years) and I definitely recommend ordering it. I'm hearing that the store release on this color is quite limited.

Did you get anything this upload? 

Fo Drizzle Jacket


  1. Will probably get the slim jet crop in grey. Love my regular jet crops so will try on the new version in store. Just picked up the street to studio pant (from last week) too.

  2. Ordered Mesh with me crops in 2 different colors, Moody mirage WUC just to try, Crossback tank, and Cyber stripe inspires .

  3. I ordered the black cherry CRB, the black vinyasa and the on the daily hoodie to try.

  4. I thought the upload was pretty dull (for Canada). Other than the black cherry CRB everyone has been wanting, there really wasn' t much to get excited about. I was thinking I need to move to the UK to get anything decent these days. How fast did moody mirage sell out on US side?

  5. I ordered the Nightsky Harbour Blue WUs to try; I really don't need another pair of leggings but they've been tempting me since last week. My store didn't get them and I have yet to read any try on reports about the fabric. At this point, I need to try them for myself even if it's just to confirm that I really don't want/need them. If they're nice and thick and aren't that slippery luon then all bets are off.

    I ordered the Black Cherry CRB as planned and was happy to see the Deep Navy version as well. I love CRBs and am glad to see them coming out with solids again.

    1. I saw the Nightsky Harbour Blue WUs in store today and tried them on. I didn't like them - when the pair I ordered arrive they're definitely going back. Bullet dodged!

  6. I am lucky to live close to a store so I was able to sneak away tonight to check out and purchase a few things..I got the cyber stripe inspire crop..may keep tags on for a bit because I am wondering if cyber stripe will come in the high times pant..also bought the speed pant III in the sea side silver fox alberta lake/naval blue LOVE..Got the new Swiftly tech racerback in the heathered harbor blue herringbone and the modern racerback in the deep camo. Tried the new Light Speed tight and I found it odd fitting at the anke due to the combo between the Full on luxtreme and the reflective panel..the pant did not lay flat or fit properly at the ankle.


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