by lulumum

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fatigue Fo Drizzle In Stores!

Thanks to Ms. R for sharing her store find today (Vancouver) of the new Fatigue Fo Drizzle Jacket I mentioned was coming in my newsletter. I expect this will upload tonight, hopefully for both US and Canada. I have last years Fatigue Fo Drizzle Jacket and I love it. It's the perfect color for this jacket.



  1. Is the US also expected to get this color?

  2. I bought the fatigue rain on jacket from a US store (my local store helped me find it and I was able to do a phone order)..I love the fatigue and the Rain on jacket is longer and I like the style a little better for me than the Fo Drizzle..I would imagine that some, not all US stores will get the fatigue in the Fo Drizzle..It's so great that they will now do phone orders :)


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