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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Britt's Picks!

Katelin's Britt's Picks are up for this week but for some reason the formatting on the images this week is off and they are really tiny which is why they are fuzzy in this post. Sounds like Canada will finally get the Black Cherry Cool Racerback, and US will get the Roll Down Wunder Unders in Moody Mirage White Deep Navy (and Canada to get them soon). That is hopeful! I am loving the Heathered Black Cherry 105F Singlet so that is probably going to be a must have for me on the next upload. I also like the Heathered Harbour Blue Pace Pusher 1/2 Zip but I'll probably wait on that one and try it on in store. 



  1. Grrr I wanted those moody mirage wunder unders!!!'

  2. Hmm those new Groove Pants are kind of intriguing

  3. I want those wunder unders too!! Love the print!

  4. Anyone know what top the model is wearing with the light speed tights?

  5. Of course the only item I want is US only. My Canadian store had black cherry CRBs in today. I like the pace pusher too, but want to see the color in store. The We like to Cardi I thought looked cozy & cute in pictures, but in reality I thought it was cheap looking.


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