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Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Print! Rise And Shine Jacket Coming

New print in store today! It is 'MJFP' but I'm not sure what that stands for. Any eds reading this want to weigh in? 

This top photo was from an ebay listing for a new Rise & Shine Jacket in this new 'MFJP' print. When I was first shown this photo by a friend the other day I wasn't sure if this was a 'new' Rise and Shine or perhaps a sample that lululemon produced that ended up in the wrong hands. Today, a local store has Roll Down Wunder Unders in this new print so it (I think) verifies the ebay listing as an authentic jacket that we should be seeing in stores soon.  



  1. Have no idea really but I'm wondering if it's a "fatigue" color???

  2. Military Jane Fatigue Brown? ;)

    LLM, do you know if this is denim luon?

  3. Not denim definitely has fatigue in it came in speed tight lll WUP roll down and wuc roll down ! The rise an shine jacket has a totally different colour code still a bit suspicious

  4. Maybe the picture is deceiving but it looks like the scale of the print on the jacket is larger than the print on the pants. Wonder if it will be like Petite Fleur and Not so Petite Fleur????


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