by lulumum

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hong Kong Upload

If this is uploaded tonight, I may be interested in the Alberta Lake version

This is some sexy bra. I like this one better than the Bonded Bra from last week. 



  1. There's nothing at all in these pics that's of interest. I did buy two Swiftly LS in store today: Fatigue Green and Caspian Blue. I'm not normally a light blue fan, but this one is warm enough to be wearable on me. Unfortunately, the CB has a pull on the sleeve that I didn't notice (I didn't bother trying it on) so I'll be taking it back tomorrow. I also tried on the black camp High Times, but I really didn't like the feel of the fabric. It has a visible texture that's a bit itchy; if that's denim luon I know I don't like it. Glad I didn't like these; I've bought four other pair since November and I really don't need more. They're just so comfortable and flattering they're hard to resist.

    I'm so ready for spring collections and COLOUR!

  2. Hi LLM,

    You had mentioned the ebb and flow bra try-on a few posts back. Did you take the same size as an energy bra in these?

    1. I got it in my energy bra size, size 10.

  3. I saw Tech Mesh pants at my store today it's funny how I have no issues wearing Boogie shorts all summer long but I find these pants being too revealing

  4. Did you try on the solo bra? I usually take an 8 in luxtreme bras and a 6 in cool racer backs. Not sure which size to order if it comes in the upload tonight. Thanks!


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