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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Burlington Lululemon Outlet and Black Friday

I went to the Burlington outlet today on my way back from Seattle, as I always do, and I was pleasantly surprised at the stock they had. I always stop in when I'm in the US but I am always disappointed at both the level of inventory and the items they had. Today was different because they had a huge shipment in preparation for Black Friday but I was assured that although these items where because of Black Friday, there would be more in on the actual day. I thought I'd share my findings since I think there is a good possibility that this is intel on what Lululemon has in store for Black Friday 2014. If these aren't in for Black Friday, I'd expect them in for Boxing Day and I will be sure to have a good list going for then of all the items I passed on for today.  I wish I'd been able to get all the items I wanted but I only brought home a Weekend LS for $49. I would have loved the Vestigan but I was a bit overspent from the day in Seattle (Christmas shopping!), I also would have loved the Peach Orange Scuba Hoodie but it was not available in my size and a Bumble Berry 105F Singlet and a Run Jacket. 

Lots of this sweater in all colors. I think it was priced at around $130

tons of these in, all sizes and colors. Racks, plus folded in shelving. I think they were marked down to $89. I really wanted one but left it there. 

Lots of these, but didn't check the price. 

There were several colors in of the 105F Singlet and they had a deal going on them as well. First one was around $39 and if you got a second one it was just $10. The color I wanted, Bumble Berry was not available in my size. 

This Heathered Bordeaux Drama CRB was in today as well as the soft pink WAFS and a few others. 

All MMP's where in and on sale except for the Inky Black Floral one. 

Lots of weekend LS's, 5 Year Yogini LS and 5 Year Yogini SS's, All colors of Post Practice Cardi, tons of In The Flow Crops, Spring Forward Jackets, Spring Fling Puffy Vest, Rebel Runner Vests, Rollin' With My Omies Hoodie, Om & Roam Pullover, Shine Tight, Printed Wunder Under Pants, Straight Up Pants. Tons of shorts and skirts, Inky Floral Ghost Speeds, tons of No Limit Tanks, Lab City Pullovers, Radiant LS's. So much stuff and in such large quantity that it was hard to not get overwhelmed. 

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