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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bundle Up Scarf, Anytime Dress, Wrap It Up Sweater, Radiant LS, Free To Be Wild, Twist N Turn Tank and More

Bundle Up Scarf 
There seems to be two types of scarves in stores today, this circle infinity style ($68) and another one that can be worn as a shall ($148). I believe both are merino wool. Not quite sure I've got the right name for this scarf. 
Worn here with the Anytime Dress
 Bundle Up Scarf, Fuel Green Right As Rain Jacket, Twisted Bliss Headwarmer

Wrap It Up Sweater

Radiant LS

Love Tee 
I got one last month on markdown and really like it a lot. In the perfect color I'd bite at full price. For neutrals or colors I'm not super excited over I like to wait until markdown on tees. There are a few items that reliably go on markdown and I wait it out each time: cotton tees, knit accessories and merino wool socks. Every year I stock up on marked down wool socks at lulu. 

Manifesto Scuba and Rocky Road Scuba

Free To Be Wild, Yogi Racer Tank

Twist N Turn Tank

 Heathered Black Grape Race Your Pace 1/2 Zip


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