Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Run Items! Run Pullover, Run Jacket and Run Tights + Straight To The Studio Pants

No names or details yet on these new items but I will update you as soon as I find out what everything is. 

Run Jacket in Spring Has Sprung/Black
(this may be the Run: Make It Rain Jacket judging by the back vents)

Mint Moment Run Pullover. Looks like Luxtreme

 Mint Moment and Black Run Tights

Straight To The Studio Pants



  1. I seriously don't see ANYTHING I like!! :( NOTHING! It doesn't make me want to support Lulu, when I go to Lulus FB Page and sift through 90% complaints! It makes me think, "wow...they are just pi$$ing everyone off, these days!" people angry, upset and disappointed in the awful customer service. Everyone can't be wrong! LOL... I use to spend upwards to $1000 a month on lulu and now I think naaaaaa....pass for me! Why support a company, that makes so many people upset?!

  2. How depressing! What happened to the cute, cuddly things? Are ugly colors, strangling necks, putrid prints, and the dreaded color blocking here to stay?

  3. All the mint stuff looks so sheer

  4. I agree with the first anonymous. I have a hard time buying from lulu. I also use to spend 500. to 1000. per month. Now I might spend 200. every 4 months. I'm not crazy about the colors these days and yes, a lot of people are complaining about quality. I think I have enough lulu to last me a lifetime!