Thursday, January 10, 2013

Inkwell Daily Yoga Jacket and Straight To Studio Pants, Polar Haze Sea Stripe CRB, Bold In The Cold Pants *Lace

Inkwell Daily Yoga Jacket and Inkwell Straight To Studio Pants
I like Inkwell with Mint Moment
Matching Jacket to sweat pants brings me back to 2000. 

 Polar Haze Sea Stripe Cool Racerback with Polar Cream Daily Yoga Jacket and Polar Haze Wunder Under Pants

Random store find. Bold In The Cold Pants with a Lace Print. Sale priced at $54. 


  1. Which store sells bold in the cold on sale?

  2. Why can't there be a Polar Haze crb without the sea stripes??!

  3. Those pants are awesome!! WTF they weren't online!?

  4. I have not seen anything that I remotely wanted since the Coco Softshell. What has happened to their designs? The stuff around the holidays was so uninspiring! And now, this??