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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lululemon Warehouse Sale 2014 (Online)

Rumour has it that this years Lululemon has opted for a large online 'warehouse sale' instead of a renting out a large space as they did last year. I'm not quite sure yet if this sale is for Canada only (as was rumoured earlier today on Lulu Addicts blog comments), or if this is a North America Sale. So far the website is being super glitchy and I can only see the sale from the US side (with prices in USD) but if I want to see it on the Canadian side I have to choose the French Canadian website. If this is indeed a Canada only sale (cause that is going over very well!) I bet you next week the US will have one of their own. 

Here is the link to the Canada Lululemon Warehouse Sale 2014

Did you order anything? I spent my Lulu budget on the Post Practice Cardi this month and the rest of it is ear marked for a couple of Pink Zing CRB's. 

Prices aren't that great. I'm intereseted in the Brisk Bloom Push Ur Limits and the Deep Zinfandel Power Y but I don't like the $39 sale price. I hope for $19 tanks when I'm sale shopping. 

Great deal! This bag is very tempting. I have the Studio Softshell in black tweed and really like it. I wear mine everyday so I think this is a great deal if you aren't picky about the color. 

Looks like a lot of last years Warehouse Sale items didn't sell. 

Last years swim line is back too. 



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