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I wish to disclose the use of affiliate marketing links and ads on my blog. To be 100% clear you should be sure that the lulumum blog may earn a commission on any products you purchase by clicking on links or ads on this website. I don't do cash advertising, sponsorship or paid topic insertions or paid reviews and I reject overly intrusive campaigns.


I hate moderating comments. I prefer not having to pre approve comments and let the conversation just happen with our without me. That said, I have deleted comments in the past that are either greatly offensive personally or generally, completely off topic and derailing to conversation, trolling or attacking or nasty and mean spirited. I would like to keep from having to pre moderate incoming comments but at times I may temporarily use this feature. Hyperlinks to your own website in your signature or the body of your comment is acceptable and appreciated, however, if you have used the comments as a platform to promote yourself at the same time as bashing me elsewhere I wont be accommodating you. That makes me feel like a doormat and is pretty disingenuous to conversation at hand and disingenuous to me to pretend to be on friendly terms. 


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