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Friday, March 17, 2017

Guest Fit Reviews|Go Lightly Shoulder Bag

Amazing reader 'Mrs. O' has shared with me some terrific fit reviews to put in the blog for you guys and I am so appreciative of the time she took to do these with the help of her awesome husband.  I've decided to split them up into several posts. First up, the Go Lightly Shoulder Bag. 

If you'd like to share fit reviews on the blog, you can email me at, or if you'd like to share or read fit reviews on the Lululemon Reviews Group on facebook, click on the link to join. 

Some of your readers were asking for inside pictures of the Go Lightly Shoulder Bag.  I thought I would take a picture of it on so they can see the proportion of the bag.  (BTW, I'm 5'6").  Although it is a bit pricey for a canvas crossover bag, I ended up purchasing it.  It had enough compartments to make it useful.  I also liked the separate bag to carry "sweaty" items found in the zippered pouch on the bottom of the bag.


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  1. Looks like those discount bags at Marshalls. This is $10 more than the festival but not as cute. Yea, it's a little bigger but it's not even original.

  2. I have one and love it. Marshalls!? There is no comparison. The quality and attention to detail is what I like with all Lulu bags.

  3. I like the bag. It's cute! I just don't like the colors offered right now. If it comes in a pretty color or a fun print, I will for sure buy one. I love Lulu's bags.

    1. So much this! I'll get one in a pretty colour or cute print hopefully

  4. Yes I agree with the above comments. I have 3 of lulu's bags, the last purchased was a year ago or so the urban back backpack or something like that in the desert olive and am really pleased with it. Actually pleased with all three as I have used them a lot and they have held up well. I prefer small back pack style for my purses (much better for my shoulders) but if this was offered in that style I would be picking this up for sure.


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