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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Non Stop Bomber Jacket

So far this jacket seems to be in East Coast US Lululemon stores but not in Canada. I called GEC yesterday for information and they didn't have it in their system yet and weren't sure if Canada was going to be getting it. It's priced at $128 in the US, I suspect it will be $138 for Canada. Reversible swift, primaloft. Both sides are the same color, one is textured swift and the other is quilted. It's definitely a cropped style so those of us with long torsos may consider sizing up. Also, I'm reading that it's snug in the shoulders for those of you gifted in the shoulder area - also a good idea to size up if you have shoulder fit issues.


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  1. It's also in WA and OR stores

  2. It's awful. The 80's called. Member's Only wants their jacket back. Bomber style jackets WERE all the rage but they are on their way out.


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