by lulumum

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Wunder Under Pant Hi Rise| Midnight Tulle Multi Black, Kick The Cold Funnel Neck, Stratum Pullover Hoodie

Don't forget there is an upload this afternoon. 

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I really liked this Stratum Pullover Hoodie and was going to get it for my husband for Christmas but I ended up getting him some more specific Christmas presents instead. He's been taking flying lessons over this past Fall and so he's been really wanting stuff specific to that. Otherwise I would have absolutely gotten him this hoodie.



  1. That tulle print is creating a weird optical illusion that is completely flatting her booty. If there was one thing Lulu was always good at, it was making your booty look amazing. It's a shame they don't consider this when they choose prints/fabrics anymore!

  2. Or maybe she just has a flat booty. Not everyone squats and Lulu can't perform miracles.


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