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Monday, December 19, 2016

Loving Nike And Outdoor Voices for Expanded Size Ranges

Isn't this refreshing? They have my attention. Have you noticed any other brand carrying petites or plus sizes and proudly promoting it in beautiful campaigns? I wish Lululemon would get back on board with this. Back in the day Lululemon used to carry size 2-14, and 14 is now extinct and 12 and 2 is more and more limited availability. 

A photo posted by Outdoor Voices (@outdoorvoices) on

A photo posted by Outdoor Voices (@outdoorvoices) on

I love this photo so much!!


  1. A week or two ago I received a booklet mailer thing from Nordstrom and I was really impressed with it. It included plus sized models and to me it was a breath of fresh air. Women come in all shapes and sizes and it's time we see that represented in advertisements and the media. Personally I'm bored with only ever seeing tall stick thin models. They're beautiful in their own way but I want to see the beauty of diverse shapes and sizes going forward.

  2. I'm really confused by Outdoor Voices. I just went on their web site and their sizes appear to only go to L which isn't what I would consider extended sizes. If they had an XL, I would place an order ASAP...

  3. Better than seeing all the Nepotism models with no fitness backgrounds as the faces of athletic companies. Such as Puma.

  4. Beauty in people does come in all shapes, sizes and colours. There are already plus size stores for professional or other clothes, so hello it's finally making it to active wear for major brands. Brava to the brands that are already on it and that's a good move for Nike.

    K-Deer has offered larger sizes for sometime now. Their clothing sizes go up to 4XL. And they feature larger models, like here:

    One thing K-Deer could do to improve their position would be to expand their clothing offerings if possible. For example, create long sleeve or short sleeve shirts. Obviously not in the material that they make the leggings, shorts, or current tanks/tops out of, but something that co-ordinates and is athletic or yoga apparel as well.

    1. Agree. Even a simple tank in the same colors they use for the leggings would be terrific.


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