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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Locarno Sleeveless Turtleneck, Wild And Free Tank, Wild And Free Tight, Wunder Under Pant High Rise Pencil Lace and Boom Bloom Beach Blanket, As You Like It Bra

As You Like It Bra, All Day Tote



  1. I bought the olive pencil lace pants and absolutely love them! They are gorgeous and I see myself wearing them with a long black yogi and boots... I'm in it for the casual wear look only... love them!

  2. What's that black jacket she is wearing in the last few pics?

  3. I love those olive pencil lace WUP!! The pattern is so pretty. I'm tempted, but I bought the green butterfly ones last year and they are too similar to justify right now...but maybe on a nice MD, haha!!

  4. Those olive lace wunder unders are the only lulu item that has interested me in a long time and I can't find them anywhere. Didn't see them in my store today and they don't seem to be online (US side). Where can I get them???

    1. if you have an iPhone download the lulu app and look for them there. it will tell you if any stores have them in stock. you can check inventory only on the iPhone app (not android, not website)

  5. Hmm, those olive lace wunder unders are pretty!

  6. The olive lace are beautiful, and I'm not usually a lace fan.

  7. Oh, lululemon! I haven't found much there lately but went on to look for a winter run toque (thinking it a simple request). There's one run toque on there right now, one! And it has a hole in the top of it!!! Can anyone recommend a different one somewhere else?

  8. OT
    But I was wondering if we ever are getting the shibori print because all the other foreign sites got it and here I havent seen!

  9. just got an email saying that the florence speed wunders are up:,616,582


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