by lulumum

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

First Mile Jacket, First Mile Tech Tight, Love Racerback



  1. I don't like the seam across the front of the Love Racerback. Maybe it looks okay or better in other darker colors.

  2. The jacket looks longer in these pictures than it does on the models on the website. Is it bum covering or not?

    1. I tried on this jacket yesterday and yes it does cover the bum. The arms are very long and they don't have thumbholes just cuffins. It looks like the model wearing the white jacket could have sized up but I would say this jacket is tts.

    2. It seems to really depend on your height/weight ratio as well as your torso/leg proportions. I was also curious, so I clicked through the stats on the website models. They all wear a 6, but it full covers the butt of the woman who's 5'7", but sits quite a bit higher on the model who's 5'10".


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