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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Beauty Review: MAC Liptensity Lipstick

Lipstick is my biggest makeup category impulse purchase so I have amassed quite a lot of lipsticks in my makeup drawer. I am obsessed with this new line from MAC which is intensely pigmented, and a gel formula without a white base and just overall amazing. I'm not going to do lipswatches because I really suck at them and there are tons out there online [This youtube was great!] but I wanted to draw your attention to them and show you my two favourites. Eros, the pink on the left is a cool toned magenta, and Smoked Almond on the right is a browny rose color. Love them! So comfortable to wear and they are pigmented without looking flat. 

MAC Liptensity Lipstick Eros, Smoked Almond



  1. Thanks LLM! I have 2 lipsticks in my drawer I love based on your past recommendations.

    Off topic - have you heard of order issues locally on LLL this past 2 weeks? (processing times taking forever?).

  2. I've noticed ordering issues past couple of weeks... things that seem available that then tell you they are unavailable when you try to checkout with them OR getting cancelled after checking out with them... then when you check the site out later on they are still showing as available (this happen to me with floral backpack a few weeks ago - mine was cancelled and it is still showing as available on site - I called and ask and was told it mustn't be available if it was cancelled. I was so miffed about this that I never even bother to try reordering again), also things that I've tried to order (a few headbands) but then can't check out with/cancelled aren't showing up as available any more but then added back again as available again the next day (if that makes sense)... :( also, processing times taking forever... I think they are being shipped from more than one warehouse now... oh, and splitting orders into multiple deliveries.... :( I'm noticing all kinds of weird stuff this past few weeks and have also been wondering what the heck is going on... It is very frustrating.

    1. The same thing has happened to me re trying to buy something that looks in stock and then getting an out of stock message once I've plugged in all my info and attempted to pay for it. It's happened a couple of times. I think it's a glitch in their system being unable to synch up with inventory real-time. There must be a delay. When I've contacted Lulu, they confirm the item is out of stock. It's happened for me on fast-selling items on Upload nights and once on WMTM. I agree - it's annoying, and has only happened since the new website went into effect.


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