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Monday, September 19, 2016

Sneak Peek: Australia Upload


  1. The Antique Paisley Energy Bra is nice and I would consider buying the Flow Y if it came in this print. I like the Run Sun Seeker s/s which is very similar to the Sunaway Runaway s/s that came out earlier this summer. I bought it in the Hero Blue and like it a lot except it was quite pricey so I only bought one. I would love to get this one in the new Beach Blanket blue which is a beautiful colour.

  2. Oh look more black and white. Lululemon is so innovative.

  3. I really love the b/w paisley print. Anyone know if there are any tanks coming in this fabric?

  4. this print (the one in run sun seeker) looks almost identical to the freckle one they did just a couple months ago. like you can barely tell the difference.

  5. Yes Anon 12:54pm I was going to mention that. Why would they do a print so similar to the freckle flower one unless they don't plan on bringing this top to North America?

  6. I noticed Grooves went over to WMTM, are they a discontinued item now?

    1. I noticed this too. I really hope not. I LOVE Groove pants, BUT, I very much prefer the original Grooves (with original waistbands), so, kind of hoping maybe this is a sign they may bring those ones back again instead... I know, wishing thinking, but still hoping... I would be so happy if they original Groove pants came back again, and the original Skinny Grooves too.


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