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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What's In Store Today (US)

Thanks to Ms. G and Ms. M  for their store photos.



  1. The prices are ridiculous!

  2. Of all the jackets to bring back it had to be Rain for Daze, ugh. I wonder what the changes are to this version? I am not liking the colour choices either. Nothing in this sneak peak is peaking my interest.

  3. Nope nada for me. Although I would have jumped at the swiftly in Power purple if not for the price increase....

  4. The Power Purple Swiftly is killing me. I had been hoping for a re-release of this colour ever since clear mint came back and I can see using this on early morning runs in the fall, but that extra $10 is really making me think twice about it when before I would have easily pulled the trigger.

    1. With prices the way they are these days and a lot of people saying they aren't going to purchase, there is a very good chance it will make it to WMTM for what the regular price used to be. And we've already seen a lot of Swiftly tops (more than previous years) go to WMTM last couple of seasons. I have no more FOMO with Lulu. I'll wait it out until WMTM if I want something, if I miss something I'll be ok because I don't actually need anything anyway.

    2. Although, it is pretty sad and kind of disgusting that stuff that goes to WMTM is still expensive and not a deal at all. Makes me think twice about wanting to spend any of my money at Lulu.


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