by lulumum

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tribal Print Hottie Hot Shorts, Tribal Print Pace Rival Crops, Tribal Print Cool Racerback, New Green Cool Racerback

Tribal Print Hottie Hot Shorts Green Cool Racerback, Possibly Clear Mint



  1. @lulumum hey off topic here, do you have to pay duties when you order from nordstrom??? Or you just ship to your us address?

    1. I'm happy to field Nordstrom questions. I should have posted this info on my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post.
      I order a few ways. Off the US website to my US address, from a Canadian store (called to check their inventory and had them ship directly) or off the Canadian website. The Canadian website also uses a third party for shipping called 'border free' which gives you a calculation of duties before you complete the checkout process. If I see something online that I like I usually call a Canadian store first with the SKU number and if they have it in stock my preference is to get it from a store.

  2. You are genius!!!!! Thank you so much!!!


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