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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access is Here!

The sale is live! Hooray! Here are some of my picks. Please note that this is completely and utterly a fantasy shopping list and does not reflect the reality of my true wish list which is much more modest. A girl can window-shop though! I'm resisting and not ordering anything online tonight because I'm going to a store tomorrow so hopefully I'll be able to scope out sizing and quality of the items I like. I'll let you know what my 'haul' is tomorrow.

I don't know this brand but have read on purse forum from insiders that Bon Levy jewelry at the Nordstrom sale is the best deal of the entire sale.

Hunter Originals

I kind of want this!

Dior Sunglasses



NORDSTROM -  Shop Brand-New Handbags for Fall at the Anniversary Sale through August 7
Want in Early? Our Anniversary Sale Early Access is here! Nordstrom Credit Cardholders get first dibs to shop through July 21. FREE Shipping. FREE Returns.



  1. What's the sale price of those dior sunglasses? They're amazing. Sadly I'm sure I can't afford even the sale price. I'd also like some sorel boots but it rains never in Los Angeles

    1. $300-$400 depending on the color. There is a big variety of colors in the Diors. I was surprised to see these on the sale since I've been seeing them everywhere on youtube and instagram in the luxury crowd.

    2. The Sorel boots are really cute. I got a wedge style similar to the ones above and really loved them for very cold mornings as soccer practice.

    3. That is painful for non-rx glasses but they're so cute. I can't even justify sorel boots for cold since it's never really cold here. I'll just admire from afar

  2. Love all your picks, the boots and jackets are amazing, would love a few of these in my closet.

  3. I love your wish list! Hope you end up with some of the goodies you have your eyes on! I'm curious about the iluminage touch permanent hair reduction system. I'd love to hear more about this in future on one of your blog beauty posts if you decide to get one. Would be so nice to not have to shave legs as often (or ever again!) and reduce the amount of irritation and visible hair follicles that goes along with it.

  4. Omg the shoes you've picked could all be mine they're so nice but of course, that's not possible haha.

  5. So what did u get??????


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