by lulumum

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wee Space Cool Cocoa Wunder Under Crops High Rise

I was hesitant to put up a new post pushing yesterdays Cool Racerback II discussion down since it's so lively but I'll just link it here for those of you wanting to participate [Is Lululemon Eliminating The Cool Racerback...Again?]. I couldn't not post such great photos of the new Cool Cocoa High Rise Wunder Under Crops.



  1. Ugh. They took the thumb hole out of the flip your dog. May as well just go to old navy and by a ls v neck. Just got mine. Love the color (blue) super super soft but no thumb hole. I am allllll about he thumbhole. I love it.

  2. Did USA get these? Or did they sell out already? I only see the pant version


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