by lulumum

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Palm Lace Tofino Energy Bra and Inspire Tight, All Tied Up Tank

Palm Lace Tofino Energy Bra and Inspire Tight

All Tied Up Tank



  1. Finally! the Sup hat is back!!

  2. Off topic, but just wanted to share a tip for anyone who has the Run All Day Backpack, as I've read so many reviews that the waist straps fall off and get lost easily. I just got my bag last week and discovered that the waist straps can attach to the chest straps when you're not using them done up around your waist or chest, and I believe it's made to allow for this since the buckles match up (for example the right side waist strap attaches to right side chest strap). Done up like this when you do't need to use them, the waist straps can't get lost if they come undone from their hooks on bottom of bag since they're attached to the permanent chest straps!


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