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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Coast Wrap II, Free To Be Bra *Trinity, Trinity Tank and More

I'm curious how this upload is going to go down since I still am unable to see the updated Lululemon website. I'm stuck on the old website which I think many other people are as well. 

Coast Wrap II
 Coast Wrap II, Free To Be Bra Trinity

Trinity Tank

Bali Breeze Swiftly Racerback, White Speed Shorts



  1. You need to clear your cache and maybe cookies as well. Or you could use a different browser...

  2. I am in the US and I can only access the old site, no matter the browser.

  3. I saw the new site last week, then for a few days after that all I saw the old site. Then today, it switched back to the new site. I've been on the same laptop the whole time, never changed anything. Totally weird.

    I'm finding the new site takes forever to load each thing I click on. It's also a little difficult to navigate and search. I was trying to see what sizes of true self crops were left, so I typed it into the search bar and it couldn't find them. It just came back with ALL the crops. Totally useless search function! I think they still have some bugs to work out.

  4. I agree that the search function for the US site is terrible, but always has been that way. For some reason, the foreign sites have normal/proper search functions that actually work. Surprise. My desktop was showing the new site for several days, and then this morning came up with the old site. I agree that it will be interesting how the new product drop this afternoon will show up...


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