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Saturday, April 2, 2016

New Prints! True Self Crops, Pure Practice Pant, and Cool Racerback Tank

Big thanks to Ms. M for sharing her finds of some new Lululemon prints in the Cool Racerback and returning True Self Crops

Closeup of print. 

True Self Crops 
Blurry Bell Multi print  

Pure Practice Pant
This photo is from one of the Facebook selling pages



  1. Oh I am liking the green paisley print of the CRB. It looks like it could be Blue Tropic and I have Run Times in heathered Blue Tropic so the two should look great together. Will be checking this CRB out for sure.

  2. Do we know if the Pure practice pant r in the US or CAN??

  3. Well some of this is starting to look promising!!

  4. I LOVE my True Self crops!! That floral print is cute too. I'd like to buy them in basic black. I've been kicking myself for only getting stripes and grey last time. So excited!!! Now, I need to go sell off some stuff to make my April budget bigger.

  5. Are the true self crops in US?

  6. Nothing appealing. CRB zzzz really, a print again? Where are the nice, solid colours?

    1. I'd love to see more solid colours too!

  7. Don't care for any of these prints

  8. I like all of it! Not sure about how practical the prints are for me - I'd prefer to see some solid colors. I'd like to see the Practice pant in black with some fun color contrast on the cross stitch at the calf.

  9. I kind of like the look of the paisley print CRB, but if it's white on the inside it's a definite no for me. I have the Blue Snake CRB from fall/winter and it's blue on the inside and it works and I love it, not sure why all the prints can't be matching colour on the inside?!


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