by lulumum

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Twisted Dune Pace Rival Crop and Twisted Dune Speed Tight, 5 Mile Long Sleeve in Boom Juice, Four The Helluvit Jacket, Salute The Sun Singlet II

Twisted Dune Pace Rival Crop, Salute The Sun Singlet II



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  2. Those are some really shiny PRs. I do not like that Luxtreme. And why oh why can't they line up the stripes? We are paying enough for these bottoms.

  3. Recieved the 4thehelluvit jacket (terrible name). Sadly, despite the price and winter is nearing end, it is perfect and I must keep it. Larger end of TTS. If you want to wear a hoody underneath perhaps TTS, otherwise might be able to size down (I did as I run hot, and rarely would wear something thick under this). Nicely made. Love the 2 way zippers, slight A-line means it doesnt pull at the hip like many of LLL jackets lately.


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