by lulumum

Friday, February 12, 2016

Sneak Peek: What We Love



  1. If you are in Toronto and looking for the Rest Less pullover in berry rumble on markdown (instead of ordering online from wmtm) both Cumberland and Briar Hill stores have it for $69. Most sizes available (you can always call.) This is a lovely LS pullover if you don't have it. But I was glad I could wait until markdown (meaning stock available) to buy another one.

    Above products I only like the CRB. Glad to see something interesting though the colour might not work for me. I think the vest looks weird without a shirt underneath - and I totally do sleeveless tops and tanks otherwise.

    1. That breaks this American girl's heart as I would've paid full price for the chance to buy that PO. Lulu really screwed up this year... again.

    2. I am with Anon 6:47. Your post made my heart skip and made me want to cry. Thanks Lulu :( Do me a favor and don't tell me if the think fast hoodie in aquamarine goes on markdown!! HA!


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