by lulumum

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Anahatasana Long Sleeve, Sprinkler Blue Free To Be Wild Bra

Anahatasana Long Sleeve, Capoeira Wunder Under Pants
This long sleeve was uploaded on the Canada/US side back in September but then was removed from the website. Lululemon claimed it had sold out but it was obviously pulled. I had purchased it and at the time I believe it was listed as heathered Sapphire Blue.

Sprinkler Blue Free To Be Wild Bra



  1. It was definitely pulled but does anyone know why? Was it an issue with the cotton?

  2. The Capoeira Wunder Under Pants are growing on me... :-O

  3. Lulumum, Are the capoeira wunder unders the denim texture? Like the black camo was? It looks like it on the upload.


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