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Monday, January 25, 2016

Ready Set Sweat Tank, Ready Set Sweat Bra, Yogi Racerback Tank, Base Runner III Pants Heathered Black and More

Base Runner Pant III, Yogi Racerback

Yogi Racerback Tank

Ready Set Sweat Bra

Ready Set Sweat Tank

Go Go Go Tote



  1. Those tanks are cute but I feel like they have way too much going on in the back. Can't imagine getting my sweaty self in and out of there. The Go Go Go tote looks cute and versatile!

  2. What stores posted the yogi racerback - any chance they're US stores?

    1. Just saw three colors in MN mall of America. White, black and that multi. I bought the multi in a size down from my crb size. Great fit.

  3. Cannot see past the "thong" back of the Ready Sweat bra, especially in the white version.

  4. Really not sure about the point of the Ready Set Sweat bra. I mean - front zip is great, but front zip that only goes partway down (so you still have to wriggle in and out)? Over-complicated and fussy. And the pink/white one, with the sheer mesh over a darker color - screams "Look at my boobs!" in a very fugly way. Design fail.


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