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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Cozy Up Buttercup Jacket, Chilly Bomber, Warm It Up Long Sleeve, Down For A Run Vest, Ray All Sport Bra 3 Strap

Just an FYI in case you hadn't seen it, the post below this one is a lulumum blog sale. I will be adding things to that post throughout the next few weeks and I'll keep bumping it. 

Cozy Up Buttercup Jacket

Chilly Bomber 

Warm It Up Long Sleeve

Down For A Run Vest Cool Breeze and Inkwell

 Down For A Run Vest over Warm It Up Long Sleeve

Ray All Sport Bra 3 Strap



  1. Someone please tell me the sleeves in the Cozy up Buttercup coat are short. I really don't need it, and need some incentive to NOT go to the store to even try it on (and tempt me!).

    1. I've read that it is a strict outdoor jacket and not flexible enough for indoor cozy-wear. I like to double duty my jackets unless they're definitely for outdoors (raincoats, down, etc.). Can't speak to sleeve length, but I really would need a lot of convincing TO buy the jacket. It would just sit in my closet full of coats and be a very specific weather/condition coat. There, I hope I helped!

    2. I tried it on and it was boxy and frumpy TTS. It looked cuter a size down, but the arms were tight. It looked really cute though, just don't raise your arms up, it is tight in the shoulders when you do that. A nice coat, but not worth the money.

  2. Mine is super soft after washing.

    1. Good to know! But is it stil water resistant?

  3. Need advice! Just noticed the DFAR pullover reappeared on WMTM in my size. How are people liking it? Is it worth the $138? Also, will it be too warm for California? (It's been 45-60 lately.) really torn on buying it since I have similar colors in the Patagonia snap T pullover


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