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Monday, December 21, 2015

Heathered Fuel Green Scuba Hoodie III

Hooray! My store had the Heathered Fuel Green Scuba Hoodie III in today and I have been waiting for it forever. In store under the store lighting it looked slightly washed out but in natural light and at home it's quite vibrant and pretty. I can't wait to pair it with Vintage Pink. I believe my store also had the &GO Where To Long Sleeve Dress but I was in a mad dash in and out so didn't get to inspect it closely. Not a lot else new in store. 



  1. Wow super score LLM!!!
    I would also pare with oatmeal and purple fog items. ;)
    Unfortunately I don't look good in scubas I own so many Lululemon items but not even one scuba lol

  2. Just wondering how soft this is? I got the marled grape a couple of weeks ago, but returned it because it was so stiff.

  3. Also wondering if it's a soft one

  4. Also wondering if it's a soft one

    1. Yes, soft like my heathered bark berry. Not stiff like the printed ones.

  5. Did you size down for this Lulumum?

  6. was the ls &go dress the heathered rulu one or the solid coloured luon one? Thanks


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