by lulumum

Thursday, November 5, 2015

White Down For A Run Jacket

The Down For A Run Jacket is my favourite piece of the entire Down For A Run line. I detagged my black one yesterday and absolutely love it.


  1. Did you end up buying the pullover LLM? I too bought the jacket in black and Love it..went with my size up..what did you do on sizing..I also bought the Pullover in Black grape in my size up.

    1. I did buy the pullover but not sure I'm keeping it. I'm torn. I adore the jacket though and am kind of thinking I'd like the white as well instead of a pullover. I just feel the jackets are more versatile and more 'grab and go'. I do love the look of the pullovers just not certain I would have the same amount of occasion to wear them. I went TTS for both the jacket and the pullovers.

    2. I am in the same boat! I knew I wanted the pullover in black so I ordered that, but then followed up with the jackets in black and white just to try.... and ending up loving all of them! I know I will get good use out of the pullover bc I have two of the old ones that I use nonstop. And I was thinking the same thing about the jacket being more grab and go.... I think I can maybe actually justify keeping the black and white bc I know I will get a ton of use out of them all. It still feels really extravagant but I really have pared down my lulu to pieces I truly love and use and think these all fit the bill. Keep them both LLM! :)


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