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Friday, November 13, 2015

Sneak Peek: What We Love

What We Love is up! Not terribly exciting but I am intrigued by the Peace Of Mind Wrap which is a knit boolux. It's something I've got to try on in person though or see it styled on a variety of figures before I order blindly online - and not really something I'm in the market for. I also like the &Go Cityfarer Anorak but I suspect it will be very pricey for a water resistant glyde fabric. If it was waterproof or the same material as the Urbanite Blazer I'd be more tempted since the styling is really nice but the functionality of it is a bit limited. I think the only must have for me out of this is the Heathered Sapphire Swiftly Tech LS. I'm desperately waiting for the Black Grape Base Runner Pants and Black Grape Runderful Pants and am annoyed they didn't make the cut for What We Love. 



  1. I am a sucker for all knit lulu items. I just got the divinity scarf and it is incredibly good quality. It is very chic and sophisticated. Love the black grape colour too! I am not a purple/pink lover but I love this shade. It has a slight blueish undertone to me. I am looking forward to seeing the other colour options offered for the peace of mind wrap.

  2. I think they ruined the Peace of Mind Wrap by putting elastic on the back, it looks like a bathrobe. Hate all the short peplum jackets... the 80's are over! The &Go City Pullover is too short and it's that scratchy Rulu.

  3. Yay for the blue swifty been wanting that one forever now

  4. How do you know what the cheap rulu is ?

  5. Yeah I don't get people saying all the heathered rulu is scratchy. The blue kanto 1/2 zip was but the &go stuff - dress and skirt weren't.

    I personally love all the peplum items. It's a good silhouette for my body and I get compliments all the time.

  6. Is it fair to say the US/Canada will unlikely see the new colours in the base runner pants that came out in the UK?

    1. I am starting to think so . . . you would think they would be eager to upload them since the original ones sold out

  7. Only interested in the Sapphire Swiftly and that FTBW version. Everything else a
    very very easy pass.

    And you said it Anon 5:17, couldn't agree more on 80s, peplum etc. LLL never got the memo that peplum and too much mesh are so over.

  8. Oh good. Nothing I want again this week.


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