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Monday, November 2, 2015

Sneak Peek: Australia Upload

Passion Crops III in Flashback Static Powder Pink Kayak

Tight Stuff Crops Pigment Wind Cadet Naval Blue

Pace Tights Fleur Sombre Kayak Blue Dragonfly

Pigment Wind Speed Shorts

Pigment Wind All Sport Bra

Fleur Sombre White/Silver Fox

Track Tee
Interested in these!



  1. Like the track tee and curious about the changes to the all sport.

    1. Hi there I'm in Australia and saw the all sport 3 instore this morning. At this stage I can't figure out what the difference is between the new one and the original! The adjustable clasp has gone that was the main change in all sport 2. Anyway, it was great to see it back!

    2. Good to know, maybe they just went back to the original! Glad to hear a report on actually have been spotted

  2. Track tee is one of my favorites, I'll be buying that in every color.

  3. Does anyone know what pants are shown in the pic with the fleur somber white/ silver fox all sport bra?

    1. They look like Speed Crops to me, they were released in Australia and Hong Kong a while ago. I'm really hoping they make it to North America!

  4. Thanks, they looked like possible pace rival crops too? I have not seen them in this color!


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