by lulumum

Friday, November 20, 2015

Peace Of Mind Wrap, &Go Cityfarer Skirt

Peace Of Mind Wrap &Go Cityfarer Skirt



  1. I wasn't even slightly interested in that wrap until now. She looks amazing!

  2. Same here, it looks really nice on these pictures!

  3. I tried the wrap on tonight and it's awesome but on the large side..definitely a size down..Loved the color pictured and that's the one I tried on tonight but I left it at the store, too many other items on my list.

  4. Wrap...*yawn*

    I know a few areas of NA are not cold right now but a lot are; the skirt is an odd release at this time of year. also a *yawn*item.

  5. This is way OT, but could you advise a favorite winter run jacket...Fleecy Keen vs. Down For A Run jacket?
    Any comments or insight to help me decide, Thanks!!

  6. I agree with anon - both the wrap and the skirt are an easy pass. It is snowing here and the wrap is just boring


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