by lulumum

Monday, November 16, 2015

Divinity Scarf

Black Grape Wunder Under Crops, Vinyasa Scarf, 5 Year Yogini LS Tee



  1. I love this wrap. I got in the black grape colour and it is gorgeous. I am waiting for that vinyasa to come to Canada. It co-ordinates so weill with the black grape colour! I would be nice to have a CRB in this colorway.

  2. Is this wrap really short in the back ? Some pictures make it look really short

    1. It is really short and kinda boxy, too bad it had potential!

  3. I guess I'm going to have to wait and see this thing in person, but from the pics, I don't like it. Too boxy.

  4. What store are the black grape WUC from?

  5. Can anyone tell me what those Nike black sneakers the girl is wearing w/the backwards baseball hat? TIA!

  6. Can anyone comment on how soft the new vinyasa is? Pretty colors but I worry about the fabric. TIA

  7. I tried on the wrap this morning and it is definitely a NO GO. The one button at the top does not keep the inside fold from dropping down and looking very sloppy. It is also very boxy and unflattering. Too bad because the purple color is very pretty but the style is not good.


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