by lulumum

Monday, November 30, 2015

Define Jacket * Shine On, Cool Racerback *Shine On, Align And Define Long Sleeve, Fleece Out Jacket

Cool Racerback *Shine On, Energy Bra *Shine On



  1. I went to the store on my lunch break. They had Shine on stuff in. I left with Align & Define LS in black and 2 CRB in black and PW. I sized up in both items. The CRB is about an inch shorter than regular CRB. There's ruching on the back that's very flattering .

  2. Bra, shine on crb, mesh tights, peplum butt define all have zero appeal! Wallet is safe. Fleece jacket easy pass at its price and can wait for markdown, although I do not even care to keep my eye on it.

  3. Has anyone tried on the Align and Define yet? How do the shoulders fit? they look like they are bunching up on top in a lot of the photos. I have a long sleeve that I bought a few years ago and the shoulders stick up like nipples. I don't want to repeat that experience.


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