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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Latest: Cranberry Bhakti Yogi Jacket, Cranberry Circadian SS Tee, Space Dye Twist Power Y, Zone Tight, Align Pant, Tight Stuff Pant, All The Right Places Crop

Cranberry Bhakti Yogi Jacket, Zone In Tight

 New Space Dye Twist Power Y

Circadian SS Tee in Cranberry, Align Pant

Tight Stuff Tight

All The Right Places Crop


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  1. I ordered Align pant yesterday, but couldn't help and went to the store today to see them. One of my stores was out if sizes 2 & 4, so I had to run to another one. Pants feel amazing and have a good coverage in my TTS. They are the most comfortable leggings I purchased from lulu. I can't wait for other items in Nulu. I also tried Zone in crops and All the right places pant. Zone in created a weird crease underneath my bottom that I don't normally have, but I liked the fabric, it feels better than ITF. All the right places were great, and compressive. Seaming adds edgy touch. I might need them when it gets colder.
    I also got Carcadian SS in mini pop stripe mink berry, they also had Cranverry and black. I'm not sure yet if I'm keeping it though. I wish it had a boat neck or something. Also got Inner Essense LS & SS both on sale as well as Super LS in Denim also on sale.


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