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Monday, September 7, 2015

Sneak Peek: Australia Upload

I can't tell if this is a full Australia upload or if they just got some sporadic pieces added to last weeks upload. The landing page hasn't been updated.

Kanto Catch Me Vest

Intrinsic Tank

Zone In Crop - Ultraviolet

Interval Bra

Speed Crop

Run Times Short

Sweaty Or Not Kit

Party Om Bag


  1. I noticed they have some different colors - not sure if they're all new this week or not, but they've got the Tight Stuff tight in naval blue/ultraviolet that I'm now salivating over. Which means we probably won't get it lol. There's also a swiftly SS in heathered ultra violet that is gorgeous.

  2. That intrinsic tank looks like a great replacement for the 105f singlet since the bra can be removed I'll be trying that one out if it comes to Canada

  3. Of course her hair is in the way of the detail on the Kanto Vest... why wouldn't it be?!? :P

  4. I love that the Intrinsic tank allows for you to securely clip on your bra of choice and wish the bra weren't included. The straps of looser tanks do tend to stray on me when I move around and it'd be nice to have them stay put throughout exercise.

  5. was there no 'what we love' last week...?

  6. Love the blue run times!


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